Different Types of Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory equipment refers to the wide range of tools and devices that are used by the scientists while working in a laboratory. These equipment are mainly used for carrying out scientific experiments, taking measurements and gathering data. A more sophisticated lab equipment is known as scientific instrument.

Some of the commonly used laboratory equipment are:

Bunsen burners: A Bunsen burner is a widely used lab equipment that is named after Robert Bunsen. The burner produces a single open gas flame. It is primarily used for the purpose of heating, sterilization and combustion. The device uses a liquefied petroleum gas, such as butane, propane or a mixture of both or a flammable gas, such as natural gas (methane). The hose barb of a Bunsen burner is connected to a gas nozzle with a rubber tubing. The gas nozzle is kept on the laboratory bench. Laboratory benches are usually equipped with several gas nozzles, which are connected to a central gas source, steam nozzles and vacuum nitrogen. The common methods for lighting the Bunsen burner are by using a spark lighter or a match stick.

Microscopes: This laboratory equipment is mainly used to see objects, which are too small and cannot be seen with naked eyes. The science of studying small objects with help of a microscope is known as microscopy. There are a variety of microscopes available in the market. Microscopes can be classified into several classes. The classification can be done based on what leads to the image generation, such light, electrons or a probe. However, the most commonly used microscope is the optical microscope. It images the sample with the help of light. Other microscopes that are used to carry out scientific experiments are electron microscopes and scanning probe microscope.

Operant conditioning chambers: The operant conditioning chamber is also called a Skinner box. This equipment was made by B.F. Skinner while he was studying at Harvard University. This type of laboratory equipment is primarily used for studying and analyzing the behavior of the animals. The device is used to study both classical conditioning and operant conditioning.

Laboratory glassware: It refers to a variety of laboratory equipment that are manufactured from glass, such as beakers, reagent bottles, funnels, conical flasks and burettes. These glass equipment are mainly used in biology and chemistry laboratories. Some of these equipment are also manufactured from plastic due to cost, convenience and ruggedness reasons. However, glass is still preferred over plastic because it is relatively more inert, heat-resistant and transparent. Also, it is easier to customize. The laboratory glassware are mainly made of Pyrex or Borosilicate glasses. This type of glass is less prone to thermal stress.

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Moisture Sensors Can Prevent Foundation Damage

Home owners are well aware of the fact that preventing foundation damage is of utmost importance to ensure the integrity of their property. If the foundation of their home is damaged, then the stability and resiliency of the property is endangered and the lives of all the people living in it is put at risk too.

Apart from a bad constructed foundation, one of the most common issues that this basic part of our homes can suffer from is water damage. Either we live in an extremely wet area and the soil gets extremely wet and takes a lot of time to dry out or our house draining system is clogged so that it does not work properly. No matter the reason, if the house foundation gets wet, we may start finding humidity stains on walls and moss and fungi on ceilings and corners.

Leaking pipes are also a common cause of foundation problems. Many a time, problematic pipes can be easily detected and repaired by a professional plumber. But other times they are really very difficult to detect and, when we do, it is already too late. Either the damage in our piping system is too extensive or we discover overnight that our basement has turned into our own ocean.

Fortunately, technology advancements have come to make the life of home owners much more valuable and easy. Now, there are instruments that can accurately help home owners detect an excess of humidity somewhere in their house so that they can immediately try to solve it.

One of the most interesting technical advancements that have appeared in this sense are humidity sensors. These devices are also popularly referred to as moisture analyzers or hygrometers. These are devices that are extremely sensitive to humidity and that can accurate measure the relative humidity present in a certain environment and report the values to the user. Thus, he can decide if they are within acceptable ranges or if they need to be somehow adjusted. In the case of a home owner, if according to the hygrometer the environment is too wet, he can then decide to call a plumber to do a major check up. Moisture sensors can be placed in basements so that any unusual level of moisture can be detected. Moisture sensors are really easy to calibrate and to operate as they are simplified but accurate versions of the instruments used for industrial or manufacturing purposes.

Advantages Of Sensored Clothes Dryers

Clothes dryers are, probably, busy moms' best friends. They are really convenient and practical if you have a large family or if you live in a wet, rainy area and your clothes take a lot of time to dry up. Even if you are a mom of a single child you can find that clothes dryers are highly advantageous as they allow you to get rid of the lining rope and they help you have your clothes ready to be ironed in no time.

If you shop around for clothes dryers you will probably be surprised by the wide variety of them that is available in the market. If you want to buy one or if you have to replace yours, it is highly advisable that you opt for a sensored one.

Let's first explain that a sensored clothes dryer is not "sensitive" but it comes with an in built moisture sensor that will help you take proper care of your clothes. Moisture sensors are highly technical devices that are sensitive to humidity and moisture. They are widely used in varied and multiple industrial and factory environments and they play a very important role in helping factory operators make sure that the products they produce comply with the strictest industrial expectations. For instance, they are used in the food and beverage industry to dry up coffee beans, barley grains, potato chips and breakfast cereals and in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that the humidity does not affect the properties of chemical compounds.

Clothes dryers with an in built moisture sensor dry up clothes until this device notes that the humidity level in the piece of clothing is imperceptible and it turns the unit off. Thus, as you can easily appreciate, the fibers of your clothing are preserved from excessive dryness or heat and you are also saving in electricity.

These sophisticated clothes drying units can be a bit more expensive than other models but they are much more advantageous.

Not only are your clothes kept in better condition so there is no risk of accidentally shrinking them but also you do not risk setting your house on fire because the unit over heats.

Sensor dryers usually can be adjusted to different levels according to the type of clothing you have put into the device:

· Level 1: The fabrics will have a very low moisture level so that you can iron them more easily.
· Level 2: It is great for those clothes that will be placed on hangers. The little moisture left will disappear as your clothes are hanged.
· Level 3: It ensures you that the clothes are absolutely dry so that they do not get musty or start to smell badly.

Learning About Solar in Steps

As I have approached many people about how to teach kids how solar power works I discover more that adults also need some answers.

One of the main questions I get about everything from home solar panels to solar garden lights and water pumps is "how long can solar power run my lights, pump, home, etc."

There are a variety of answers depending on your own situation, for instance what type of battery storage are you using if any? For the solar garden lights you have a battery in the light that recharges during the sun hours of the day and discharges at night to power the light. After several cloudy days the lights do dim. However, if there was more energy storage or another battery, the light would last longer.

When it comes to other things like a solar home system, solar powered water pumps, and portable solar battery chargers there are some variables. However energy storage in batteries is still important to how your solar powered panels serve you.

Everything comes in steps. For years we just knew that electricity would be there when we plugged into the wall socket, the wire was run to a house or business and we really never thought of how energy was produced unless you worked for the power company. With new and improved energies we are entering an era where we are not only moving to energy that is more environmentally friendly, but we are also becoming our own power stations. Many more questions are being asked from the general public about providing their own energy than ever before. This is also a great opportunity for us all to become more aware and independent when it comes to our energy use. Everyone has a chance to participate in this.

What makes a solar panel work? Photo voltaic Solar panels are made up of material that is called semi conductors. When light strikes the panel part of the light is absorbed into the semiconductor and the energy knocks the electrons loose allowing them to flow freely. The electric field forces the electrons that are flowing freely to move in a certain direction. The metal contacts that are placed at the top of the cell allow us to draw off that current for use in our homes and businesses.

Now if we stop here you should be thinking that when the sun is not out we would not be able to use solar energy. That is where the batteries or power storage come in.

On really sunny days you will get a lot of energy. Sometimes more than you currently need, so a storage container or a battery or batteries must be used. The simplest storage for energy is the power grid. What you don't need someone else does. This is called net metering; you sell your excess electricity back to the power company. Then when you need power you get it from them.

Battery storage is another more expensive way to store solar power but if you are not connected to the power grid it is the way you will need to go. What kind and how many batteries you will need will depend on your individual situation. These are the very basics of solar power and you can count on this information to change as solar panels are rapidly becoming more efficient. Just a few years ago they only used the red rays of the sun. More recently panels are now using the other colors (think rainbow).

In step 2 we can talk more about companion energies to solar and the types of solar panels available.

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Problems Encountered When Trying to Secure Jobs for Graduates

Once a graduate completes his bachelor's degree the first thing he wants to do is to secure employment. The main reason for seeking jobs is to pay back debt. However, he has to secure a reasonably paid job if he is to pay back his debt. Due to this reason, it has become more and more difficult for them to secure suitable employment. Students who completed degrees on arts, humanities, and such other subjects are the most affected as they have no demand. In the meantime, those who have studied nursing, education and science are well off as there is a demand for them.

Most jobs for graduates found in job boards and such other forums are often entry level jobs for which decent salaries are not paid. Good entry level jobs are available only for those who have engineering degrees and computer science degrees. This situation has made some of the graduates discouraged on making applications also. As they come out of the Universities they make several applications a day. But when the response is poor, they reduce applications to one or two in a week.

This mentality has seeped into the high school students and they now contemplate whether they are going for University level education and get debt ridden or going to look for high school level jobs and forget about University education. In case the difficulty you experience today in securing jobs for graduates prevails for some time, it is more profitable for them to refrain from going for University education. Under such circumstances they will not get indebted.

However, the question of difficulty in obtaining jobs for graduates affects only those who are going to study subjects which are not able to produce graduates who are able to engage in productive employment. In these difficult times only those who study science, engineering, computer science, medicine etc. will survive as they have a good demand. Others find it difficult to secure respectable employment no matter what strategies they use.

It appears that the country's economic problem is the main cause for graduates whose main subjects are humanities, history, arts and philosophy. Until the economy bounces back, the situation will not change. Graduates who are highly educated in the above subjects are forced to engage in lowly paid jobs which are not in keeping with their qualifications. Solution that will provide suitable jobs for graduates is going to be elusive for some time to come.

Ticket To Big Time: How To Become A Pharmacist And Why You Should Be One

Earning a university degree is economical these days, unlike before when children wanted to graduate from college just because it is expected or appropriate. Now, getting a diploma is like getting the right salary. With the fluctuating economy, no ne can afford to play games anymore, every move has to be carefully thought of for fear of wasting resources.

And because of that, many graduating high school students are gearing towards a career in medical science. Through the years, courses in the field have proven to be stable, obtainable and of course, high-paying. A degree in Pharmacy is not only respectable but also fulfilling in every way.

How To Become A Pharmacist Before College
Preparation is the key when one would like to become a pharmacist. Working as one entails dedicated hours and careful service. Though it may be high paying, the requirement in the school and after school is almost the same - professionalism. Dispensing drugs is crucial, sufficient knowledge, practice and concern are keys to becoming one.

Universities normally offer the degree as a 4-year course. Depending on which state or region you plan to take the course, you have to comply with at least the minimum eligibility requirements. Any high school student can opt to be one but must be ready to face a lot of science subjects.

$0AIf you are still in secondary school and want to become a pharmacist, you must invest your time courses that you will probably be bombarded with in college. Add match and science subjects to your curriculum, pay attention to your chemistry laboratory sessions and of course, get a high average. All of these will surely impress the school you are planning to apply with.

Earning Your Degree, License And Much More
Study your courses well and try to finish the course on time. If it is your life long dream, you will surely finish it with not just a sigh of relief but with impressible grades as well. This will help you when you sit in for your legal exams and of course, national board exams. Somewhere along the way, you will also have to work under apprenticeship to hone your skills and further prepare you for the next big thing.

Finishing the degree will not be enough though, as pharmacist deal with drugs everyday, licensure exams are a must. It filters the individuals who are truly ready of working professionally. This will be the last segment of learning the course, after acquiring your license, you can begin your life as a licensed pharmacist.

Knowing how to be a pharmacist is important especially when you want to really practice being one. It goes more than just selling drugs from behind the counter of the pharmacy, it has a lot more to offer than that. There are other avenues that the degree can be applied for, it just depends on how vigilant you want your career as a pharmacist to grow. Learning the basics is as important as wanting to be one.

What Business Owes to Science

For a long time, there was a strong movement of people militating against business. There is some of that now; but there is a much larger movement of people militating against science, including many people who have business affiliations. And it is time that this movement be met head-on.

Science is at the root of all technology; which means that it's at the root of everything that business sells. Everything that business produces and that consumer buys - from cars to TVs to computers to phones to electricity - comes from science. For business-affiliated people to be militating against science and scientists is a vast case of irrationality and ingratitude. That is because science is at the root of everything that busindss sells.

"Oh, but they're government-funded, they must be socialists." In this case we are seeing confusion as to who feeds whom. The scientists are among the hardest-working people in America. And without science, capitalism would be nothing more than an exchange of basic commodities at the level it was in Medieval Persia, and most participants in capitalism would be tilling a 2-acre plot of land and dying in case of a crop failure.

"But scientists are all liberals." The question to ask there is, why is that? Well there are any number of reasons for this; but the one that I find most credible is the financial one. Scientists don't make very much money for the education and the effort they have to put into their work; which means that conservatives, who are driven by money, avoid the field, and the only people we find there are people driven by service. The same is the case with teachers. Conservatives don't go into these fields because they don't pay enough; conservatives don't want to pay tax so the salaries remain low, leading conservatives still further away from these fields. The conservatives catch themselves in a double bind. The conservative leadership understands this, so it does the next best thing and howl about them damn liberals in schools and the academia. But for as long as these are the dynamics, this is what we're going to see; and the conservatives won't visibly boost their presence in these fields unless they either agree to better funding and better salaries or teach their constituents the value of service.

"But government should not own science, research should be privatized." Florida privatized its jails, so now the Florida law enforcement has an incentive to put away as many people for as long as they can. I had a friend in Florida who got 2 years for a DUI - a charge that carries a fine or a month-long sentence - and spent those two years in a private prison, where guards were giving inmates drugs in exchange for sex. Privatize science? Will there also be private armies? Private entities with weapons of mass destruction? Will we have nuclear feudalism? Al Quaeda is a private organization, and it's definitely not better than most governments. I don't know about you, but I would rather be dealing with an elected, official, accountable governments than with the likes of Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar. Eventually these private entities will have to create some form of governing institutions to manage the people under them; and I am not optimistic concerning the character of these governing institutions.

All this is not lost on conservative leadership, so they continue to howl about the damn liberals in universities and in schools. And yet without these damn liberals business would have nothing to sell and the bulk of the population would be unemployable. It is time that credit be given where it is due and the falsehoods spun on this issue be confronted. America owes vastly to its scientists, and so does anyone involved in business.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing - The Next Step

A bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) is perfect for people looking to start a medical career. Individuals currently working as nurses find the BSN helps to enhance potential career options and serves as a precursor to graduate studies. More schools than ever offer online BSN courses, making the degree accessible to a wider range of students.

The BSN program lasts a total of four years, with early graduation possible due to credits earned from employment and other applicable life experiences. Candidates receive training in standard patient procedures, but the curriculum also grooms them for work in non-bedside occupations including research and supervisory positions.

Students take a wide range of classes, each lasting approximately eight weeks. First and second year curriculum focuses on liberal arts and sciences. Students take nursing courses during the third and fourth years. Degree candidates also work under a licensed supervisor at this time, called the clinical period. Most online BSN degrees only accept registered nurses (RNs) who have previously completed at least two years of training. This eliminates the need for clinical requirements and reduces program completion time to a total of two years.

Sample general courses include:

- Mammalian anatomy

- Psychology

- Elementary statistics

Sample nursing courses include:

- Nursing care of the elderly

- Introduction to wellness

Additional courses include:

- Data management for nurse managers

- Ethical challenges in health care informatics

Successful degree candidates have a strong background in mathematics and sciences. Students interested in pursuing a BSN program online should have a strong internet connection. Teachers provide instruction in the form of web seminars, or webinars. Mp3 and mp4 downloads turn workout rooms or long drives into a learning experience. Chat rooms allow students to share their experiences and discuss problems with classmates from around the country.

According to the United States Department of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment opportunities are excellent for BSN degree holders. Some areas are desperate for new talent as current staff retire from the system. Also, this flexible field, hospital and clinics may not be the only option for degree recipients. Book publishers and law firms sometimes have a place for individuals who possess a bachelor of science in nursing.

Some career paths can include:

• Primary care nurse manager

• Nursing staff development director

• Nurse case manager

• General registered nurse

• Clinical nursing manager

• Clinical audit manager

• Hospice care program administrator

• Nurse manager

• Nursing director

• Behavioral health program manager

Nick Hugh works in education and enjoys writing about the benefits of online degree options.