Moisture Sensors Can Prevent Foundation Damage

Home owners are well aware of the fact that preventing foundation damage is of utmost importance to ensure the integrity of their property. If the foundation of their home is damaged, then the stability and resiliency of the property is endangered and the lives of all the people living in it is put at risk too.

Apart from a bad constructed foundation, one of the most common issues that this basic part of our homes can suffer from is water damage. Either we live in an extremely wet area and the soil gets extremely wet and takes a lot of time to dry out or our house draining system is clogged so that it does not work properly. No matter the reason, if the house foundation gets wet, we may start finding humidity stains on walls and moss and fungi on ceilings and corners.

Leaking pipes are also a common cause of foundation problems. Many a time, problematic pipes can be easily detected and repaired by a professional plumber. But other times they are really very difficult to detect and, when we do, it is already too late. Either the damage in our piping system is too extensive or we discover overnight that our basement has turned into our own ocean.

Fortunately, technology advancements have come to make the life of home owners much more valuable and easy. Now, there are instruments that can accurately help home owners detect an excess of humidity somewhere in their house so that they can immediately try to solve it.

One of the most interesting technical advancements that have appeared in this sense are humidity sensors. These devices are also popularly referred to as moisture analyzers or hygrometers. These are devices that are extremely sensitive to humidity and that can accurate measure the relative humidity present in a certain environment and report the values to the user. Thus, he can decide if they are within acceptable ranges or if they need to be somehow adjusted. In the case of a home owner, if according to the hygrometer the environment is too wet, he can then decide to call a plumber to do a major check up. Moisture sensors can be placed in basements so that any unusual level of moisture can be detected. Moisture sensors are really easy to calibrate and to operate as they are simplified but accurate versions of the instruments used for industrial or manufacturing purposes.

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