Problems Encountered When Trying to Secure Jobs for Graduates

Once a graduate completes his bachelor's degree the first thing he wants to do is to secure employment. The main reason for seeking jobs is to pay back debt. However, he has to secure a reasonably paid job if he is to pay back his debt. Due to this reason, it has become more and more difficult for them to secure suitable employment. Students who completed degrees on arts, humanities, and such other subjects are the most affected as they have no demand. In the meantime, those who have studied nursing, education and science are well off as there is a demand for them.

Most jobs for graduates found in job boards and such other forums are often entry level jobs for which decent salaries are not paid. Good entry level jobs are available only for those who have engineering degrees and computer science degrees. This situation has made some of the graduates discouraged on making applications also. As they come out of the Universities they make several applications a day. But when the response is poor, they reduce applications to one or two in a week.

This mentality has seeped into the high school students and they now contemplate whether they are going for University level education and get debt ridden or going to look for high school level jobs and forget about University education. In case the difficulty you experience today in securing jobs for graduates prevails for some time, it is more profitable for them to refrain from going for University education. Under such circumstances they will not get indebted.

However, the question of difficulty in obtaining jobs for graduates affects only those who are going to study subjects which are not able to produce graduates who are able to engage in productive employment. In these difficult times only those who study science, engineering, computer science, medicine etc. will survive as they have a good demand. Others find it difficult to secure respectable employment no matter what strategies they use.

It appears that the country's economic problem is the main cause for graduates whose main subjects are humanities, history, arts and philosophy. Until the economy bounces back, the situation will not change. Graduates who are highly educated in the above subjects are forced to engage in lowly paid jobs which are not in keeping with their qualifications. Solution that will provide suitable jobs for graduates is going to be elusive for some time to come.

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